Freeze Dried Hatch Green Chile
Freeze Dried Hatch Green Chile

Freeze Dried Hatch Green Chile

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Freeze Dried Green Chile is here!!


100% pure New Mexico green chile straight from the fields of Hatch, New Mexico - The Chile Capital of the World!

No preservatives or additives of any kind, just pure, ready to eat Hatch Chile that has been roasted within hours of harvest, chopped, then freeze dried. 

You won't believe how great it tastes - just like freshly roasted chile!

Perfect for backpacking, travel and even use at home. Re-hydrate the chile with just a little water - a full bag takes only 2-3 tablespoons and 2-3 minutes to be fully re-hydrated. Don't want to use the whole bag? No problem. Just use what you want, then seal it back up with the zipper seal and save it for your next meal. No refrigeration needed.

Got relatives and friends out of state desperate for their Hatch chile? This is the simplest and easiest way to give them the freshly roasted Hatch chile kick that they crave! Each freeze dried bag weighs less than one ounce, so shipping is a breeze. No overnight or 2-day shipping costs, no bubble wrap and packing peanuts - just send it off. 

One bag's contents delivers a little over a quarter-pound of pure chile once re-hydrated - plenty for one-two people. There's no cleaning, chopping or freezing - it's always handy on the shelf - ready to eat when you want it.

This product is a medium hot / hot green chile. You can also try our truly amazing red + green "Pinto" blend of freeze dried chiles.