Bongo Sauce Medium Heat

Bongo Sauce Medium Heat

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Award Winning Salsa and Stew base!!

Rich, hearty, deep flavored roasted poblano peppers, fresh tomatillos, fresh cilantro and a kiss of honey make this delicious, fresh-tasting green salsa a perfect way to bring something new to the party. It is a true hot, so those who want a kick will enjoy this. 

Try it with a wide range of foods like fish tacos, chicken fingers, chips and salsa, burgers, scrambled eggs and fajitas. It is not vegetarian as it contains reduced sodium chicken broth.

It is also a terrific base for a pork or beef stew! Check out our recipe section for both a slow-cook version and a 30 minute version!!

Bongo Sauce does not contain garlic or vinegar. It is a fresh twist on a green salsa. 

Paleo Diet Friendly    9 ounces