The Fresh Chile Company Red Chile Sauce - Hot

The Fresh Chile Company Red Chile Sauce - Hot

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We recently discovered this outstanding product in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Red chile sauces are everywhere in New Mexico and other parts of the American Southwest. But just about all of them are made with ground chile powder and dried chile pods because the chile harvesting season is short.

Not this sauce! The Fresh Chile Company purees FRESH red chiles and then adds only a couple of other ingredients, allowing the fantastic chile flavor to shine. And what a difference in flavor you get using fresh chiles! It has a slightly NATURAL sweet hint due to the freshness of the peppers. And the color is a much brighter and vibrant red than other red chile sauces.

Use it with enchiladas, posole, chile con carne or add it to tomato soup for a spicy twist! 

And here is another favorite - mix our red chile sauce with honey for a sweet and spicy glaze on pork, turkey and chicken and as an amazing dipping sauce for egg rolls and chicken fingers. WOW!

16 ounces