Hey, You Found Us! How Cool is That !?

Greetings! Welcome to Blue Flamingo Foods. My name is Lane Grado and people call me the Sauce Boss. Our mission is to bring delicious, artisinal, hard-to-find gourmet sauces and specialty condiments to your table. We will search far and wide to find family-owned companies that are making tasty sauces that will elevate your parties and weeknight meals to a whole new level.

Each month we will introduce flavorful new additions to keep our inventory fresh and exciting. And since we believe in having fun we will have specials, contests and other promotional activities that will keep you coming back again and again just to see what the heck we are up to.

So join us on our great quest to discover new and fantastic flavors from across the country and around the globe. And together let's all support these hard-working, passionate, family-owned food companies.

We're glad you found us!

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